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One of the main reasons why you can’t keep the weight off

There’s a common misconception out there that being healthy is incredibly difficult and you have to be extremely strict on yourself to succeed in dropping those extra few pounds. We see this all the time with clients coming through our doors saying ‘I’ve tried every diet, nothing works’ and this is where we come in and help by changing your outlook on food, exercise and what we like to call giving you that healthy balance.


The most common mistake that takes place with new diets and plans is they are made way too difficult to ever last in the long run. If you think about it logically, if you were to cut out everything you like and say ‘no more now, never touching that again’ well done to you if you are the minority that can stick by that but for a lot of us it just simply wouldn’t last. If we take away this strict barrier that’s set in place with these mad diets we can adapt a lot better and grow to actually enjoy the new process.


Creating a sustainable balance is key. If we don’t have a balance a lot of the time we fall off the wagon before the hard earned results are even seen. What we provide for our clients is just that, we work alongside them to help in creating a healthy relationship with food and to provide knowledge so they can find what suits them and work towards making their goals a long term reality not just a short fix. Having more knowledge and understanding of your food will make the process a whole lot easier to follow.


A takeaway ever now and again can absolutely be had on a weight loss program but it just has to be done correctly. we’re not saying get the healthy takeaway option here, we’re saying eat the pizza if that’s what you want but here’s how to do it right.


If you are on a weight loss program you will be in a calorie deficit which means you’re calories will be lowered in order for fat loss to occur. If you’ve decided that this Saturday is your takeaway treat all you need to do is reduce your calorie intake on that day or during the week to allow for the extra calories from the pizza to be consumed and not affect your progress. It’s that easy, a balance that doesn’t harm all your hard work but still allows you to enjoy life.


Deciding to do something to help you achieve a healthier life should be applauded because it’s not an easy change to make especially for some people who might be feeling this is completely out of their comfort zone. The main thing to remember is not to be so strict on yourself when you are starting out.


Of course there are other reasons why people may not be able to keep the weight off such as lack of discipline or accountabiity from a coach but being too strict is certainly one of them as it creates an unhealthy realtionship with food, something you probably can’t and won’t stick to

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