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Silly season is nearly upon us now with just over 6 weeks to go. Now more than ever we need a Christmas full of unwinding, relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends that we missed out on over the past year. For a lot of people the idea of undoing all the hard work in relation to training and nutrition can be worrying but there are definitely ways you can enjoy the holiday’s guilt free.


We all know that Christmas will bring about the indulging of delicious home cooked meals and baked goods and of course we’ve got to enjoy them too but on the lead up to Christmas we can minimise the temptations. This can be done quite simply, by maybe buying that box of chocolates for the house that little bit closer to the 25th instead of weeks ahead. We all have great intentions to “keep them in the press” but realistically that doesn’t happen. Delaying the time in which we allow all the treats into our homes will definitely work in our favour in keeping the weight under control over the next couple of weeks.


Try and give yourself another couple of weeks of staying on track with your exercise and food. If anything it will work wonders on your mood as you’ll feel better in yourself and that accomplishment of getting closer and closer to your goals is what will make all the hard work worth it. Setting some small goals for yourself might be a good idea to start like for example trying to exercise for just 30 minutes a day every day with some days being more intense than others like a run vs a walk. Also by fuelling the body correctly with staying on track of your calorie intake will stop you from falling victim to temptation. When our bodies don’t get the nutrients they need, cravings tend to be at an all-time high so by planning your week ahead with a shopping list and meal plan you can be sure the chances of you reaching for that bar of chocolate (which won’t be in the house… just yet lol) will be greatly reduced.


Creating that healthy balance between exercise and food is extremely important but at times can be difficult to attain. We are all human too, with some days being better than others but every day we wake up we have a new opportunity to make the changes and move towards our goals. So if you’re reading this right now maybe this is your little sign to do something for you, not only for your health but something you can look back on in a few weeks or months and think wow look how far I’ve come.


Working hard for something always reaps greater rewards. So let’s keep working together and moving closer to our goals right in time for Christmas.

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