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3 Simple Steps To Meal Planning For Weight Loss

The idea of the weekly shop nearly always seems a lot worse than it actually is. One of the main reasons why people dread it usually comes down to lack of preparation. Trying to follow a weight loss programme or even just trying to live a healthier lifestyle can both be tricky without the right planning. Meal planning is key to staying on track and reducing the temptation to snack or give in to cravings.


Below you will find a step by step guide to making a meal plan that suits you, whether it may be for just yourself or your family. Meal plans can be achieved by all with just a little bit of time made in your schedule to write it all out. You can also check out a video Mike did on facebook by clicking this link


Step 1: Grab a piece of paper and at the top write Monday – Friday (or Monday to whatever day you plan to do your next shop), planning and being strict with your weekdays will allow you to have a treat or two at the weekends.


Step 2: Make a list of all the breakfasts, snacks, lunches & dinners you plan on having for the week. This may seem daunting but if you try to keep your breakfasts and snacks more or less the same or as simple as possible during the week, you will only need to come up with one or two meals here. For example your breakfast Mon-Fri could consist of porridge with berries and your snack could be a smoothie or two pieces of fruit. Dinner could vary during the week but if you buy your food for the week ahead it will lessen your chances of grabbing something easy from the freezer that could end up bumping up your calories too much. The trick with dinner would be to try and make enough so you could make two dinners out of the one meal.


Step 3: Once your week is made, grab your notebook and make a list based off the meals you’ve written down. Write out each item of food you need to make the meal and there you have it, a meal plan and shopping list to help keep you on track!


And just like that, in 3 simple steps which will probably only take about 10 minutes, you have your week of meals planned and ready to go.


With everything going on at the moment it’s really important to try and keep up some bit of a routine and stay focused on your goals. The good nutritious food you will be eating from your meal plans will not only help you feel good physically but it will also help you to feel that little bit better yourself. Let’s try and keep both the minds & bodies happy and healthy during the lockdown!


Simple little changes like this one will help set you up for the week ahead and keep you moving forward so those hard earned results you’ve worked so hard in achieving during the year don’t go to waste. Let’s use these 6 weeks to our advantage and come out even stronger both physically & mentally.

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