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How to drink more water?

How do you drink more water? This is something we always get asked by our clients and particularly in our personal training in Ennis it is something we always encourage to keep making a better attempt at.


A lot of people have the same excuses for not drinking more water – “i just don’t think of it. I am too busy. It’s too cold to drink it in the winter. It’s boring to drink” and the list goes on.


In this video Mike shares a simple trick that you can use to keep yourself focused on not forgetting about drinking more water.


Our bodies are 66% water and it helps every cell in the body function correctly. So if you are trying to shift a few pounds or have more energy a lot of the time results can be hampered by the lack of hydration. 2 Litres of water per day is the recommended intake for anyone no matter their physical activity level. As you train more, you need more.


But you have to start somewhere, don’t try and force 2 litres down the hatch in one go. Small steady changes will lead to long term results. Take a look at the live replay video above for this simple and effective trick to drink more water.


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