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Sarah George | Ozone Personal Training In Ennis

In just 7 weeks Sarah achieved some amazing results in our Personal Training In Ennis


Skeptical at the start after walking away from so many other programmes she finally found something that she enjoys and is able for.


She was told by a medical professional who she had gone to see because of her joints, that if she didn’t move it would only get worse.


Watch the video below to see her amazing results in less than 7 weeks

Sarah feels she has finally found something that works for her long term and that she enjoys AND that she is able for.


“The trainers push you just enough without going too far” she explains “but it’s fun, I feel like I am able for it and I am seeing results”


Not all programmes have to be about weight loss as Sarah reveals “I didn’t come for weight loss as the priority it was more to get moving and find something I could stick at, certainly getting shape is a perk but not the main focus for me”


Watch the video and see can you relate to where Sarah was before she started!

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