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Top 5 Tips To A Healthier Easter

Easter is a crazy time of year. It’s almost a competition for some kids to brag about how many easter eggs they get.

Did you know the recommended daily added sugar intake is less than 20g?

Creme Egg will easily break the 20g mark!

Healthy alternatives can be just as satisfying, however

For instance, eggs with no added sugar and natural sweeteners such as a Fulfil Easter egg are as good, if not more tasty!

A Fulfill Easter egg contains 13g of sugar whereas a typical Mars, Yorkie or Snickers egg contains up to 60g of sugar!

Easter doesn’t have to be all about the eggs or unhealthy eating.
Here are some alternatives that can fill the day with fun and create a healthy culture for the years to follow.

1) Active egg hunt

With older kids, a classic egg hunt might be activity enough if you challenge them with finishing times, quantities collected, or even make it a race. Obviously, only you know if your kids are ready to handle a little friendly competition, and if they are, it’s a great way to intensify the egg hunt.

2) Themed events

Set up a simple obstacle course in the backyard or even the living room and give it a fun Easter theme. Lots of hopping, eggs on spoons, egg throwing and catching, and maybe even some bowling with a hard-boiled egg to knock over the pins.

3) Why not go on a family outing

Use the easter break do something together and give them an easter toy instead of eggs at the end as a surprise

4) Limit the egg splurge

This probably should be at number one. Just allow them one egg. The biggest problem a lot of people face is the amount of eggs that find their way into the house. Set a cap to 1. Pick their favourite and give the rest of your family the heads up not to give any more.

5) Try a healthy Creme alternative

Download the East Cheat Sheet below where we give you the recipe for making a healthy easter egg

Click this link to download the cheat sheet if you haven’t done it already

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