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Emma Buggy, 16, Dropped 2 Clothes Sizes

Emma is an amazing teenager and has worked hard over the last few months. It’s not easy to make the change never mind as a teenager, we are so proud of what she has achieved and to see the person she is becoming.


“I joined Ozone because I wanted to get fitter and feel more confident.

At first I was unsure as to whether or not I would even like the classes or if I would even stick to them.

From the start, all the trainers were very friendly and I soon settled in. They really show you how to do the exercises properly and to get good results.

They helped with diet tips and nutrition and encouraged you to make the right choices. We have to follow that advice if we want to see good results.

As soon as you come in the door you get a “hi” from whoever is at
reception which is really nice.

I have met a lot of really friendly people at Ozone across all ages and I really enjoy it.

I would recommend Ozone to anyone considering improving their
fitness and wellbeing through exercise”

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