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Why The Story Of Tiger Woods Can Help You Get Fit

Some people won’t be a fan of Tiger because of how he carried himself for a number of years up until recently. He went through a lot of personal problems but we’re not talking about that today.

A few years ago he suffered serious back injuries and I remember watching him after that trying to play golf and even we ruled him out of ever returning to glory again and it was hard to watch.

He admitted to the only other man with more wins than him, Jack Nicklaus, that he was finished.

About 2 years ago he was ranked nearly 1200th in the world.


He went for spinal fusion surgery on his back, not so much for playing golf, but just to have some quality of life. During his recovery he was arrested for DUI and it was claimed that it was from the heavy pain killers that caused the dangerous driving.

He tried to return to golf again and again played so bad and still had issues that we didn’t see any hope.

Did he give up? Hell No!

And this is what we want you to learn from his achievement, that no matter what is going on in your life, you can’t give up.

Don’t make excuses that you have no time or that your injury is too bad or that things at home are stopping you from moving forward. Don’t give in. It’s not too late to start, get fit and maintain it.

And if you start don’t stop. Commit to yourself, commit to being the best version of you. You can guarantee there will be knocks and bumps along the way but it’s how you deal with them and keep going that defines your character.

Remember the old ad on telly where all these different people were saying “I’m Tiger Woods” and you were trying to guess which was him when he was young because everyone wanted to be like him. You know what, after watching him at the weekend we should!

He has created a mass following from his determination and aura surrounding him.

Forget about what you think of him personally, use his story as inspiration to commit to something new and better for yourself.

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