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Top 6 Tips to stay motivated all year round

Top 6 Tips to stay motivated all year

Tip #1.- Assess the current situation

Before deciding on what goals to tackle in 2017, asses the past year and all its setbacks: what was the biggest obstacle, the biggest hassle, why you kept falling off track?

Don’t forget about the starting ground: what level are you now, what are the troubling spots, how much time can you commit to training?


Tip #2.- Define what goals and value are important to you

Maybe losing weight is actually not on top of the list. Most people just want to move and feel better, and the latter usually also leads to improvement in performance, and health.

When defining what challenges to tackle in 2017, go with “one goal at the time”. Have a bigger vision, but divide it into smaller parts. Having a personal trainer can help you with this. Dropping your body fat, losing weight, improving mobility, increase strength in your back, heal the injury… Whatever you choose to work on, don’t do it all at once.
Tip #3.- Acknowledge even the smallest improvements

Improvement is not solely numeric. Don’t focus on what numbers, and times, you can or can’t hit. Refining the technique is the best progress you can strive for in 2017.

Take a look at the smallest of improvements in your training. Are you squatting better?  Do you move better? Is strength increasing?

If this is the case, there will more than likely be a knock on effect ie: Lose weight, gain muscle or reduce the risk of injury. These are the things that really matter when it comes to health and fitness.


Tip #4.- Fix your work-life balance to ease off the unnecessary stress

Stress from work can affect a lot more than your training. If your job is making you feel exhausted, you have a problem to solve.

Work should challenge you, but not to the point it empties all of your energy. Exercising after work should re-energise you. If it doesn’t, decrease the volume. Do less weightlifting and more bodyweight movements.

It’s all about balance and prioritising what’s important to just you.


Tip #5.- Start slow, finish strong

“Less is more” is a good old advice for a reason.

Too much training early on might not always be a good. It can lead to  exhaustion which can quickly turn the odds against you and make you feel unmotivated to visit the gym.

Don’t set out to go the gym every day of the week.

Start slow with three visits to the box per week. If you want to move more, go for a walk or do a stretching routine at home.

Remember your goal is to stay on track throughout the whole year, not being obsessively motivated for eight weeks.

Again, having a trainer guide you and watch your progress overtime really helps with consistency.

Tip #6.- Take the training outdoors

Despite the cold temperatures and shorter daylight, spent at least two days per week outside.

During the week, do an hour long walk from work to home. For the weekends, grab a terrain running shoes and head for a hike. Nature, woods, ocean, daylight and fresh air all have a calming effect.

Change the environment in order to forget all-things-gym and restore the mind. Be moderately active to help the body recover from a long week of training in your local gym.


If you are not sure about where to start click this link and find out how me may be able to help

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