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2 Top Core Exercises

2 Top Core Exercises

Hollow Rock See-Saw

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The hollow body position is fundamental to optimal movement. To test the integrity of this position, you can add some movement to the equation with the hollow rock see-saw. Here’s how:

—Lie down on your back

—Keeping your legs straight, raise your feet a few inches and point your toes

—Extend your arms behind your ears and raise the top of your torso off the ground until your shoulder blades are no longer in contact with it

—Hold the position for 20 seconds. If you can’t do it, then you need to just work on sets of your longest hold for a couple of weeks until you can.

—Once you can maintain the hold for 20 seconds, let’s add some movement. Hold the step #3 position but tilt your body forward by pushing your legs down (keeping them straight)

—Teeter totter backward until your shoulder blades almost touch the floor, but not quite

—Rock back to the position in step 5 and repeat for 20 to 30 up-and-down rocking cycles. Too easy? Then add more volume or decrease the rest between sets. You can also pull your knees toward your chest and hold them there (like you were doing a knee raise from a pullup bar) instead of fully extending your legs.


Mountain Climbers

core ex2

So called because it mirrors the position you need to take while crawling up a snowy face – minus the actual exposure to extreme weather and risk of death – the mountain climber requires both stability and motion. You can also scale it by increasing the speed and by changing the direction your legs move from forward and back to across your body to target the obliques (side abs). Here’s the low-down:

—Get yourself into the top of the pushup positon. Make sure your shoulders are positioned above your hands and your forearms are vertical.

—Screw your hands into the ground (left hand counter-clockwise, right hand clockwise) to create stabilizing torque at the shoulder

—Lift your right foot and move it forward until your right knee crosses your belt line

—Return to the starting position and repeat with your left foot. Start with 10 reps on each side. On the next set, try crossing the knee toward the opposite hip.


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