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I Lost 16 Inches From My Mid Section Since Joining Ozone|Kate

“I Lost 16 Inches From My Mid Section Since Joining Ozone”. Wouldn’t we all love to be saying that.

Kate is one of our awesome clients in the small group personal training. She is always so positive and although publicly denies she hates burpees, battleropes and plate pushes, deep down we know she loves them really 😂. She has put in so much hardwork over the last 9 months and we are delighted and honoured to recognise that effort and her to our wall of fame.

This is her story

“After having my three boys and knowing I would not be pregnant again I said I wanted to get back some of the shape I had pre babies. I was wearing big clothes and comfy sport gear – but not feeling great in them. Going out was a drag as I wasn’t sure what to wear and almost wanted the excuse of a baby bump to feel good!

I joined a slimming class as started to loose weight and was chuffed – but it was no sooner lost than I was back up again and it was a circle of up and down each week. A friend told me about the Ozone Small Group Personal Training and how much she loved it and really enjoyed the sessions and I could see the results on her as she was toning up. After Christmas last year I said I would give it a go….. of course that went in to the middle of January when I said enough is enough

kate testimonial 1I honest to God love every thing about Ozone. From the very beginning I have felt so welcome by everyone – Louise on the desk always a big hello and she and all the other staff say hello by name. I noticed this at the start and I see it for all the members.

No matter what time you go in there is always a great group of clients to train with – due to the boys off school or my work I have had to vary my classes and there are super people at different times. Of course there are the 10 oclock fantastic group  – and what is brilliant is we are all shapes and sizes, male and female and different age groups.

Never once did I feel intimated going to a session. In the beginning I felt what I was doing was tough and felt great after it – as soon as I started to get a bit fit – that level of exercise changed and this has happened throughout the months – so each session I come out of I get that feeling it was tough but I feel great having done the hour – with AMAZING trainers.

I SWEAR they are all so good, so interested, so encouraging and so much fun. They are really interested in how you are doing. Push you to what you should be doing. Take all the grief that we give them. They are just super at their job and I hope Ozone realise how fantastic they all are.  I absolutely love it and I talk about it all the time. I have been asked what I am doing as I have slimmed down and I just hope they are not in a hurry when they ask as I go on and on AND I am doing this because I really feel it is such a super place to go – have a great workout that suits your needs, helps you lose the weight, tone up and keep fit and healthy.

Another great benefit I see is the app for your phone where you can book in your classes to suit your times – or as IKate Testimonial 2 have had to do is change it because something has come up, but then you book in another class so you keep at it. How many of us have joined gyms and went for the first few weeks and then that was it – money wasted on membership. I have been doing this 9 months straight and actually missed it when on holidays!!

You hear or see of classes on facebook with different crazes or new exercises and you think that looks good – but they are not around in your area – whereas we are so lucky that ozone runs this unique PT Class in our area. They vary up the exercises so much  – It is always new and interesting with some crackers thrown into it – but you get through it and it is all for your benefit.

Didn’t I mention that I go on and on about it. I suppose the real proof is in the clients that are there and we are all saying the same. We are getting the results for ourselves and enjoying the process and getting fit and healthy.

Kate Deegan


If you want to see results like Kate and start transforming your health call us on 065 6842607 or email us on info@ozonegym.com



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