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How I reversed My Osteopenia Since Joining Ozone| Dolores

Dolores is one of our senior members at Ozone (yeah, she would kill us if we gave her age) but she proves that age is just a number. She realised that losing a few pounds wasn’t as important as her long term health and well – being.

Dolores was diagnosed with Osteopenia in 2017 which is a pre-cursor or early signs that Osteoporosis is on the way. Osteoporsois means “porous bone” and it’s where the bone becomes brittle and fragile and happens when the body loses too much bone, doesn’t make enough or both. Women are more prone to developing Osteoporosis. It leaves the bones so weak that a slight trip or fall could lead to fractures and breaks along with other side effects. This creates a real fear in people diagnosed with it that they won’t have the quality of life they really want as they get older.

People with Osteopenia have lower bone density and if no action is taken to correct it, often the result is Osteoporosis and the side effects that go with it. Dolores refused to accept her diagnosis and was determined to change it.

“I had a few lbs put on over Christmas and thought a 6 week program in the small group personal training would give me the push I needed to shift those few pounds and get my motivation back.

Over a year later and I am still a member. I realise losing the few lbs was important to me at the beginning but my health and well-being were even more important

Since starting my training sessions my strength, stamina, co-ordination, flexibility and overall well-being have improved. I can do daily things now so much easier than before when they felt like real effort.

I am actually very proud of what I have achieved and you couldn’t put a price on that feel good factor.

On a more personal health note, I was diagnosed in early 2017 with Osteopenia which can lead to Osteoporosis. One year later my diagnosis was reversed and my bone density has actually increased.

No words can say how happy I was knowing my strength training exercises played a huge part with this result. 

I have been a member of several gyms but nowhere compared to Ozone; from the welcome at reception by Louise, who is always ready to listen and encourage, to Mike, the Manager, who is so passionate about the service provided, to the Personal Trainers who I cannot praise enough. They are amazing.

Don’t put off joining Ozone. Just do it. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed. All the programmes are specially designed to meet your needs and abilities. The regular check-ins and change of exercise plan are great to keep you on the right road and you will always be challenged to push yourself that little bit further”


Dolores McCabe



If you want to see results like Dolores and start transforming your health call us on 065 6842607 or email us on info@ozonegym.com



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