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Support Systems to reach your fitness goal

The importance of having a support system when trying to reach your fitness goals:

Ever wonder why more than half of the adults in the Europe are overweight even though there are so many diets and tens of thousands of fitness facilities? Not many understand the value of having a partner or a coach in health and fitness. Having a workout partner/coach can keep you on track and lead you down the road to successful, long-term weight loss.


In addition to eating right and exercising (both of which are common sense), a support system and being accountable are key in ensuring your weight loss efforts stay strong, sensible and successful. You and your partner may individually break promises to eat better and exercise regularly, but together you will be more likely to stick to your weight loss routine. You don’t want to let your workout partner down, do you? While having a trainer or coach, they can give you simple reminders to why you initially committed to working out in the first place.
Why a fitness support system works

They say, 95 percent of dieters fail within a year and more than 70 percent of gym-goers quit in less than 90 days. No wonder its seems easier to just give up or try the next fad diet again and again. The truth is, having a partner will lead you to better weight loss success as well as improved health as compared to going it (and falling off your diet and exercise regimen) alone.

People enjoy exercise more when they do it with a friend. The socializing aspect of having someone with you makes it much more enjoyable. Think of all the times you’ve ran into a friend at the gym and you both gabbed away next to each other on the treadmills only to have your four mile walk fly by unnoticed. Having a workout buddy makes working out fun – and far more tolerable if exercising for you is like pulling teeth.

Having a trainer helps in becoming accountable to each other and your goals. When you set an appointment with someone, you’ll keep it. By booking sessions with a trainer, you are very unlikely going to miss it.

For the most part, even though people break promises to themselves every day, they don’t miss appointments. The fitness buddy system requires you to set workout appointments – which you will feel much more compelled to keep since someone is counting on you.

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