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How to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions

How to Change Your Mindset to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

Why Most People Have Stopped Making New Year’s Resolutions

One of the reasons people don’t follow through on their resolutions is that change is hard. Keeping consistent with a new commitment is difficult, and it is just plain easier to not do it. Whether at New Year’s or any other time of the year, goal setting is much easier than goal achieving.

So how can we stack the cards in our favor? How can we make it more likely that we will be consistent with the changes we set forth to make and actually see a lasting change in our life? One of the keys is in the way we think about our goals and the language we use to describe them.


How to Increase Your Goal Follow Through

Most of the obstacles to following through with a resolution or a goal aren’t external, they’re internal factors. The reality is that life will always get in the way of our best-laid plans. The realities of being tired and overstressed after a busy day at the office make going to the gym after work really hard to do. Whatever our goal or resolution is, we need to really see ourselves achieving it, we need to believe we can, we need to take small consistent steps and lean into the goal by starting slow and doing something that moves us in that direction.

To improve your chances of following through on your resolutions, just change the way you phrase the goal. Instead of writing (and you must write them down to be effective) “I need to” or “I have to,” write “I am…”

While some may have abandoned the practice of making New Year’s resolutions, I still believe it’s an ideal time to evaluate your last year and see what you can change to make the next year better. If you find yourself off track by Feb. 1, you can re-evaluate again.  Our goals and life circumstances are constantly changing, and while Jan. 1 is a great time to make a resolution, it isn’t the only time we can use this tip.

How to Program Your Brain to Help You Reach Your Goals

Often times we have a big goal we want to achieve but haven’t put enough thought into what it will take to get there. To counteract this, write down statements that relate to your overall goals. Wanting to lose weight isn’t enough, you also need to change your eating and exercise habits.

Write down statements like “I eat healthy, nutritious foods so I can be energetic, lose weight and live longer.  I walk three times a week because I feel better after I do it, and it provides a mental and physical break to my day.”

Change your mindset and change your results

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