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3 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Weight-Loss Mistake #1:

Getting too little sleep. Inadequate sleep can be a major weight loss problem, During sleep, your body releases growth hormone—a major player in fat burning. In addition, sleep loss stimulates the drive to eat, especially sugary, fatty foods. Research has found that participants who lost just a few hours of sleep over five nights put on an average of two pounds. Aim for about 7-8 hours a night.

Weight-Loss Mistake #2:

Guzzling your calories. The market for juice and smoothie is huge, even green juice! It can pack on pounds. Not only do they contain lots of calories, but they leave you hungry and prone to overeating. Slurping doesn’t seem to set off the same chemical reaction that contributes to satiety that chewing does. Chew your fruits!

Weight-Loss Mistake #3:

Eating meal-size snacks. Your snack meals account for a quarter of the calories we take in each day—adding up to 600 calories to our diets. I recommend keeping snacks between 150 and 175 calories, going for something with satiating protein, like avocado/nuts, and portioning your snack rather than eating straight from the fridge or package.


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