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Omit the fizzy drinks and put the sparkle back in your life

The harmful effects of soft drinks on your body

Are you one of the many who have fallen into the bad habit of grabbing a can or bottle of fizzy drink on a daily basis to ‘kill the thirst’ or to ‘give yourself a boost’? Is one enough or have fizzy drinks become your general means of hydrating your body?  Some people admit to only drinking soft drinks and no water at all even at mealtimes.  Apart from the ill effects all these fizzy drinks have on your health, have you even considered the expense of such a daily habit?  What if I told you, that by cutting back on even one single fizzy beverage a day you could change how you think, look and feel about your body and save €’s in the process??  I will come back to that in a bit!

Why have we become a nation of mineral drinkers?  Easy! For one, they are addictive, we get addicted to the taste but more importantly we are addicted to the caffeine.  What else??  They are convenient, they are available just about everywhere we go and they are cheap and can come ‘free’  as part of a meal deal etc .  Billions are spent every year on the promotion and advertising of soft drinks and we as the consumer are sucked into the belief that it’s ‘cool’ to drink them.

Do you know the extent to which drinking carbonated, caffeinated, sugared or artificially sweetened beverages harms your body?  Giving them up can be one of the best things you will ever do to improve your health.  There are absolutely NO nutritional beneficial components in any soft drink, they mainly consist of filtered water (if lucky) with refined sugars.  How is this so bad you may ask?  Regular consumption leads to weight gain and obesity which can lead to diabetes.  By drinking just one single sugary can a day you will gain over 1lb per month in weight…these lbs all add up!!.  Researchers claim that for each additional can consumed the risk of obesity increases 1.6 times.  Drinking soda not only leads to weight gain but stresses the body’s ability to process sugar.  Rapidly absorbed carbohydrates like high fructose corn syrup puts more strain on insulin- producing cells than other foods, leaving insulin itself to become less effective at processing sugar leading to a risk of developing Diabetes.

The acidity in soft drinks not only damages our teeth but weakens our bones due to the loss of calcium.  Aspartame which is the artificial sweetener in most ‘diet drinks’ is actually a poison and much more harmful to our bodies than refined sugar, so don’t be fooled into thinking you are taking a healthier alternative by going ‘sugar free’!!

The list goes on…Increased blood pressure, heartburn, digestive problems, dehydration, cancer to name a few, there are honestly zero positives to drinking these beverages.

So on the more positive note, by giving up consuming this poison you most certainly can and will feel so much better physically and mentally and your wallet will also thank you.  An average 500ml bottle of coke is €1.50, one of these a day adds up to €10.50 per week…. For €1 per day you could change your whole lifestyle by purchasing 12 months membership here at Ozone with a fantastic personalised program.  You will have the opportunity to change your body from the inside out, the choice is yours!

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