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Alcohol or Health – What do you spend more on?


Ah… the weekend is upon us, time to kick back and treat yourself after putting down a long hard week of work, you deserve it!!  So how do you chill out?  For some it’s dinner and the movies, others a little shopping spree but for many of us in today’s society  it’s a few drinks down in the local with the lads or a glass/bottle of vino or two with the girls or in front of the TV catching up on the soaps!

If you are one who enjoys the few drinks, do you ask yourself how good does it make you feel the next day?  Sure, a glass of wine is good for you and has many health benefits but does it stop at a glass?  Is it a pint with the lads or should you have shares with Diageo Ireland? Now while everyone is entitled to let the hair down, did you ever consider other options?? How about something that would not only make you look and feel great but is also the greatest stress reliever known to mankind….all the benefits and none of the hangover!! What if I was to tell you that for less money than a cheap bottle of plonk every Friday night, you could feel the best you have ever felt every Monday morning heading back to work?  More on that in a while….

Did you know that drinking too much alcohol, whether it’s on a single occasion or over time, can take a serious toll on your health.  Alcohol can affect your body in so many ways.  It can damage your heart by causing high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, stretching of the heart muscle, the list goes on but all of which can all lead to a stroke.  We all pretty much know the effects on your liver that binge or heavy drinking can cause…cirrhosis, fibrosis, alcoholic hepatitis to name a few. Your pancreas can suffer immensely causing a highly dangerous inflammation called Pancreatitis and unfortunately our over indulgence of our favourite beverages can also be the cause of many forms of cancer.  Every time we indulge in ‘one too many’ we are weakening our immune system making us susceptible to a host of illnesses… this really the way we want to unwind and relieve our stress??

Ok, so before you think I am trying to be a kill joy, by all means enjoy yourself but remember if it is with booze then moderation is key! If you were to cut down by one bottle of wine or 2 pints a week and invested that cash in your health you would be amazed by how you could transform your life.  An average pint in the local is around €4.50 and a half-decent bottle of wine in your local supermarket is around €10-€12 but for simply €1 a day you could purchase a 12 month gym membership at Ozone and save money!!  Our gym memberships come with a great personalised program that will get you started on the road to a healthier you! Exercise is proven to be one of the most efficient stress relievers out there not to mention the transformation It can have on your overall health, so instead of nursing another hangover and having to loosen the belt buckle, how about treating your body and investing in YOU??

If you are interested in investing in a much healthier and happier lifestyle then pop some details in here and we will give you a call to discuss some options.

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