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[Blog] Nutrition Corner – 3 Foods To Protect Your Immune System This Winter

For the coming winter, it’s important that you eat the right foods to help immunity against the various flues and colds. Here are 3 foods that are good for staying healthy and immune this winter.

  • Kiwi:  Eating a kiwi gives you 80mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C is great for fighting against common coughs and colds. Vitamin C enhances our immune response by increasing the production of white blood cells and anti bodies. It also increases enzymes, and strengthens connective tissues and cell membranes, making it more difficult for viruses to spread through the body and enter cells.

  • Garlic: Eating a clove or two of garlic a day will greatly strengthen your immune system. Garlic is naturally anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Try adding it to your stir fries and crushing it into your mince dinners.

  •  Herbs and Spices: Many herbs and spices have natural immune supporting nutrients. Try adding turmeric to rice or grating ginger into your stir fry. Generally with herbs and spices, the more colors you eat the better you are protecting your immune system

Good luck protecting your immune system this Winter, you’ll need it! Take note of these foods and try having them to protect your body from Winter’s many colds and flues.

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