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[Blog] Men’s Health – Easy To Do 20 Minute Workout

In this day and age, it isn’t always easy to gather the time to do a full workout regularly. From our experience we have seen how this is very common among men as men (and women) need to devote time to looking after their families, working a full time job, etc. Here we will be giving you a great workout routine you could do anywhere – while minding the kids at home, or even during your lunch break at work. 


  • Do 30 jumping jacks.

  • Then do 10 push-ups.

  • Then take a 1 minute break.

(Try do this 8 times in one workout.)

Jumping jacks are a great cardio workout while also strengthening the core muscles and the calve muscles. Jumping jacks are also great for maintaining balance. The push-ups done greatly strengthen your upper body and core muscles while toning your arms. This workout is a great fitness all-rounder for gym-less days and when time is limited in your day.

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