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Slimming World Give Lower Syns To Can Of Cider V Avocado

Slimming World Give Lower Syns  To Can Of Cider V Avocado

Surely not! I think anyone reading this would consider a can of cider more unhealthy than an avocado, right? So why would Slimming World give it less syns than an avocado.

This was first reported in the UK a few weeks back and I did a live video on it on facebook but a lot of people are still talking about it and wanted to read more.

So according to Slimming World, they rate a can of cider healthier than an avocado.

The way they rate this is that they give a 500ml can 11 and a half Syns. So if you’re familiar with Slimming World, your food is rated on Syns and there’s certain amounts of foods you can eat as much as you like of and I’ll get into another rant about that later.

So a can of cider is given 11 and a half Syns according to Slimming World and an avocado is given 14. So you have to ask yourself, “How can this be promoted or given a healthier rating than the avocado?”

Now, for the average Joe or Josephina looking into Slimming World and they’re kind of going, “Which one would you eat or which one would you consume,” they’re looking at it as well if the avocado has that much more Syns then you’re going to go for the can of cider. I’d be fairly certain that there’s no nutritionist out there who would recommend having a can of cider as part of a daily nutrition plan, so why do they do it?

As I say, for the average person looking at this, they’re going straight off the plan and while you may THINK “surely people can make up their own minds on it and know which one is healthier” but the fact is if people want a can they won’t feel discouraged from it will they?. This looks like a can of cider is a better alternative to an avocado, so I, for one, wouldn’t believe that. I don’t encourage you to do it either, but where these numbers are coming from?

Now, some people would just take that as face value that that’s what they are, 11 and a half Syns, 14 Syns. For those of you who dig in a little more, you’ll find out that it’s nine and a half Syns per hundred grams of an avocado.

So if you take a large avocado, nutritionists would recommend that a portion would be half.

Ultimately, at the end of the day, whatever you take in, you’re trying to reduce your calories so that you’ll burn off more than you consume and you’ll ultimately lose weight. But for that to happen, you also have to look at the quality of your nutrition. It can’t just be whatever floats your boat and you’re making up the Syns.

A large avocado is about 320 calories for the whole fruit. Avocado’s a fruit. A can of cider is about 240 calories for the entire can, so this is 11 and a half Syns and the avocado’s given 14 because the avocado ultimately has higher fat and has more calories. That’s why the rating is higher. But, as I said, for the average person looking at it who doesn’t know about calories or hasn’t read this article, will see that cider is just a better alternative than an avocado.

For anything or any entity or anybody to recommend that a can of cider, which, remember, alcohol is a toxin, it’s a toxic substance for the body and has sugar inside it, is madness . Remember, not so long ago, the whole countrythe whole planet was going mad on avocado being a superfood. The avocado has vitamin C for immunity, vitamin E for your hair, skin and nails, vitamin K, potassium and loads of other things. It’s high in fat, but it’s a good, what’s called a monounsaturated fat, which leads to good heart health and good balance of your cholesterol and that kind of stuff.

Let’s put this into context, take your portion of avocado, 160 calories and spread it over to ryvita crackers (1.5syns each), works out at about 240 calories total which is the same as the can and NOW this is a better option for the same calories but the syns are about 10 so not a whole lot better than 11 but look at the quality you are putting in now.

So, for me, it drives me mad to think that all it is is just about calories and not the quality of the food that’s coming into your body. I just want to make sure you understand that it’s about quality as much as it is about quantity. So you want to reduce the calories to lose weight, but you don’t want to reduce the calories for the sake of your health, either.

Rant Over


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