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” Those few pints and takeaway were gaining me about 20 pounds a year”

So we caught up with Michael after his first week of training to see how he was managing with all this new change.

(You can read the first blog from Michael here where he talks about why he wanted to start getting fit at all)

We asked Michael how his first week went and how he felt after it. He had this to say: “Great, it felt really good to be active again. Aidan was great, he showed me the correct techniques, breathing and timing for my lifts which I must best gym in ennissay I had been doing wrong over the years and used to suffer from pains in my back as a result but I had absolutely no trouble with my back when Aidan showed me the correct procedure. I found the stretching session at the end really good and I felt ready for the day after. It was like a 2nd wind for me”


How did you find changing your bad eating habits?

It was a lot easier than I thought, Aidan signed me up to a fitness app on my phone called myfitnesspal which is great and shows me exactly how many calories I’m eating a day and how much protein, fats and carbohydrates are in it which was all explained out in a dumbed down version for me 🙂 I was eating very little but of the wrong things like pizza, chips, processed sauces for my dinners, can of coke a day  which are all full of empty calories with no real nutrition in them and I was then having a few pints every weekend with the lads and takeaway that night and hungover the next day so takeaway again, not good. Aidan basically explained to me that those few pints and takeaway are gaining me about 20 pounds a year which really shocked me and kicked me into gear.

What kind of foods are you eating now?

Im eating all Lean Protein, complex carbs and veg, all the bits on the list aidan did up with me of foods I prefer really. I will give you an idea of my typical day.

Breakfast is around 8am 2 poached eggs and 1 slice be good brown bread or 2 Wheetabix and drop of skimmed milk. I have a snack around 10 or 11 depending on when I take my break. Lunch is 1 or 2 which is usually chicken/ turkey sandwich  or sometimes if I have enough dinner from the night before or if i prepare a bit extra I might have the meat and Veg of the dinner like chicken curry without the rice etc.. then I have dinner at 5:30 and what I do is I eat mostly the meat and Veg and if I’m having spuds its only 2 baby potato and finally I have a cup of tea and 1 or 2 biscuits if I have enough calories left in the day. As Aidan said you’re better off not depriving yourself of a small snack or you will end up binge eating loads of sweets and crap at the weekend and it’s true I haven’t craved anything to date and I’m eating about twice the amount I used to but I don’t feel half as bloated or sluggish after it, Its great:)

I have a review coming up soon, so hopefully I will have some great pictures to show you but between you and me I already feel the difference. See you next time

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