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“I was drinking coke everyday and the weight was piling on”

Michael O Brien is 24 years old. He is a videographer (which means he makes videos professionally) and he really wanted to get Fit, healthy and get in good shape;

“I really needed a lifestyle change, I was drinking coke everyday, eating chips with dinner, eating loads of taytos and getting no exercise. I knew something had to give and I was too young to be this unhealthy. Plus I’m going to Canada in a few months and I’m going to be interviewed for a few jobs as a Videographer with some big movie production sets So I want to firstly show that I’m fit enough for hours of recording and secondly make a good first impression with the interviewer. and I knew if I didn’t do it now I may never do it” explains Michael.

“The reason I wanted to share my story with the world is to hopefully inspire others to take up the challenge and look after their own health in the process”

” I was kind of shocked when I got my first assessment done where the lads took measurements and body fat. I have listed them below so you can see where I started from and hopefully the amazing transformation I will see over the next few months

  • weight: 110 kg
  • bodyfat: 32.7%
  • Viceral fat: 15
  • Muscle kg: 69
  • Waist: 120cm
  • Metabolic Age 39 – they had to explain this one to me. This basically means at what age you are burning calories versus your current actual age. As you can see mine said I was burning calories as well as a 39year old. Not good when I’m 24 🙁


I had Joined a few other Gyms, Soccer teams, 5 a side, all that kind of stuff before and they are ok but never got guidance in any way towards working out on my own or changing my lifestyle habits at home which is killing me as I know going to the gym twice a week without looking after my nutrition, activity levels and hydration isn’t worth anything to me as Aidan has “delicately” explained to me.

So this is the start of hopefully my life transformation not just in shape but lifestyle as well. I am doing a blog every few weeks with the lads to give my feedback on how I find the training and results I see in the hope that anyone following along will have the courage to do the same and make the changes. I attached a picture of myself below in all my “glory”. I have nothing to hide and hopefully the results will speak for themselves.

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