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How to have a healthier Guilt-Free Christmas

How to have a healthier, guilt-free Christmas

Eat something before dinner.

Some people skip breakfast and lunch if they have a feast ahead of them, and then end up overeating later. Make sure you follow your normal eating routine. Don’t skip meals and even have a snack before you head out so you’re not starving

Make time for exercise.

Simply put try to make the day active. Go for a walk or run before dinner or integrate some fitness into your family gathering.

Instead of just watching TV and movies all day, just set aside an hour for a brisk walk or make a 40 minute gym session.

Socialize away from the food.

Stay busy socializing away from the food.

Cornell researchers found that people ate more when they were near food, and more so when it was visible. In the study, which monitored how much office workers ate from candy dishes, subjects were likely to eat an average of 2.2 more candies each day when it was visible and 1.8 more when the candies were placed close to them. So try and keep your boxes of Roses out of sight.

If you are not sure about what you should be eating or when click this link and see how we can help

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