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Fit at 50 |Mobility and Flexibility Program

As you come into the wiser years of life, years of wear and tear can catch up with you from pulling and dragging things (including kids) to poor posture when sitting down and everything in between. Life gets in the way right?And often when that happens your lower back suffers. Have you ever gotten out of bed in the mornings and struggle to put on your socks or practically have to break the bedside locker using at as a crutch to help you up?

This week I want to show you some simple mobility and flexibility exercises to help loosen you up. Pay close attention to the back stretches that should be done in the morning and evening before you get up and before you go to bed. Given a few weeks you will see a marked improvement in movement in the morning


Use this mobility and flexibility workout below before your exercise routine to help warm up the body or even do it on off days as well. This is a program that can be done every day and should be if you want to see maximum benefits. Don’t forget we created a beginners exercise program for you on a recent Fit at 50 post that you can have a read of right here and watch the video on how to do it all.

You WILL be able to do it. Stick with it and you will notice more energy and more movement and better ability to the simple daily activities

This kind of program, help and support is just the kind of plan we provide in our Active 50s training where your program is customised and tailored to suit you and your abilities. If you think you need more help or won’t/can’t do it on your own then reach out for help. You can book a free consultation here

In the mean time check out the Fit at 50 video below titled “Fit at 50 | Flexibility and Mobility Program”

*This workout isn’t prescribed on an individual basis and does not allow for someone with medical conditions or injuries. Please chat to your physician before commencing any fitness program.

Please comment or post any questions in the comment box below.

To your success



FIT AT 50 | Flexibility and Mobility Program

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