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Fit at 50 | Home and Office Workout for Beginners

So hopefully you got some insight into where to start after last week’s blog. Incase you missed it you can re-read it here. It deals with taking the first step and knowing WHY getting fit is important to you and why you can get fit at any age.

This week I want to get you moving. We could spend forever me writing articles and you reading them but unless you get up and get moving and take action after looking at these blogs and videos then you will just read yourself into a permanent outline on the couch. If you are reading this I am guessing you don’t want that.

I hear it day in and day out “I just don’t have time to exercise” or “I am just too busy to exercise”. Hey I get it we are all busy but you MUST make time for your health, otherwise what are you so busy for, to get to the point of retirement and be so unfit you can’t do even the most menial daily activities? Is it worth being that busy to sacrifice your long term quality of life? Make the commitment now. Say to yourself “No more putting it off. I am taking action now!”

Let’s dive in. To help with the “too busy” excutitis I want to share a quick fitness program with you that you can do in the comfort of your own home or even in your office. Block some time, even if it’s only just 20 minutes and follow this plan. This program caters for beginners and gives you some progressions to add that bit of intensity but we will be looking at harder workouts in the coming weeks.

You WILL be able to do it. Stick with it and you will notice more energy and more movement and the pounds will start shifting.

This kind of program, help and support is just the kind of plan we provide in our Active 50s training where your program is customised and tailored to suit you and your abilities. If you think you need more help or won’t/can’t do it on your own then reach out for help. You can book a free consultation here

In the mean time check out the first Fit at 50 video below titled “The Ultimate Office and Home Workout | Fit at 50”

*This workout isn’t prescribed on an individual basis and does not allow for someone with medical conditions or injuries. Please chat to your physician before commencing any fitness program.

Please comment or post any questions in the comment box below.

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