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The real cost of smoking

The Real cost of Smoking

We all have a little vice, whether it’s  that weekend tipple, the daily vanilla latte, the couple of biscuits with the cuppa in the evening etc and although they aren’t the healthiest, it is possible to control their calories within your daily allowance.  For those of you whose vice is smoking, well that’s a whole other ball game.   It’s not rocket science, we know it all too well that cigarettes are bad for you, really bad, proven to cause cancer and a multitude of other illnesses bad. Despite what you tell yourself, there are actually no real benefits to smoking cigarettes, especially when it comes to your health but also the money in your pocket. There are however sooooo many reasons to pack them in!! What if I said by cutting back on one packet of cigarettes a week you could change your life, add years to it…and…save money to go enjoy the finer healthier things in life??  More on that in a bit….


Are you aware that cigarettes do not just contain tobacco, they contain over 599 additives. These 599 additives turn into 4000 different chemicals through the chemical change of burning the tobacco. 69 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer. Some of the lovely chemicals that cigarette smokers deeply inhale include: carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanides and ammonia. The initial 599 additives have been approved as safe by the FDA, but they were approved without being burned. The FDA never once approved the 4000 chemicals created through the burning process that are known to be noxious poisons. You are spending your money on unapproved substances proven to cause cancer.


Cigarettes are a near guaranteed death sentence, a death sentence that consists of horrible pain and struggling until the very last moment. Oh, and if you don’t die from smoking cigarettes, you are still more likely to get sick because they lower the effectiveness of the immune system and other bodily functions  which then leave you susceptible to a world of illnesses and diseases.  Is this really how you want to live the one life you have been given??  Surely you didn’t dream of  growing up, getting through college, landing your dream job and spending a huge chunk of your hard earned wages on slowly poisoning yourself to death??  Who doesn’t want to really experience life, travel, treat yourself, look and feel fabulous??  Well it’s still all achievable, even if you think you can’t afford the finer things in life, you can ….if you kick the habit!!

Research shows that the average smoker in Ireland smokes 23 cigarettes per day… an average pack of 20 costs €10.50 which means our average smoker spends at least €73.50 per week, that’s €294.00 per month, €3,528.00 per year!!!  Seriously, that’s a heck of a lot of cash to make yourself sick with!!  And this is only for those who smoke 20 per day!! For €1 per day you could buy a whole years worth of gym membership here at Ozone that comes with a personalised program to get you fit and healthy so you can enjoy all those things you thought you couldn’t before afford!!


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