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Top 5 Reasons to start your day with hot water and Lemon

You may have heard it before and people have thrown it around about drinking hot water and lemon. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Reasons for drinking it.

1. Helps your immune system.

Lemon is a natural anti-bacterial which is why it is a popular ingredient in cleaning products. When you include it in your diet it has the same cleansing qualities and due to its high vitamin C content it helps build up your immune system and fight off colds and illness.

2. Alkalises your body.

Illness occurs when the pH level is acidic so we want a body with a higher alkaline pH level. On their own lemons are acidic, however once digested they become alkaline so when we include them in our diet regularly they help to create an alkaline pH which prevents disease and reduces bacteria and inflammation.

3. Helps your skin.

Lemons are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. They’re a vitamin C powerhouse which is vital for renewing skin cells, repairing damage from everyday life such as the sun and free radicals and also clearing blemishes and age spots.

4. Aids digestion.

Digestion is the first stop if you are on a detox or trying to lose weight, ridding the body of excess waste is a must. By starting each day with hot water and lemon you’ll kick-start your metabolism and your digestive system so that it’s on track for the day.

5. Gives you a boost and energises the body.

Hot water and lemon is refreshing, hydrating and leaves you feeling more energetic unlike caffeine rich drinks like tea or coffee which can cause energy levels to fall mid-morning.

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