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Top 5 Reasons to start your day with a Workout

There’s long been a train of thought that exercising in the morning is a great idea. We wanted to give you our Top 5 Reasons for getting your body moving first thing…
  1. Better performance at work – When we begin our day by exercising, the depletion of stress, however slight, can make us more focused, more energized, and ready to tackle the day’s responsibilities. Working out increases blood flow to the brain and gives us a more alert mind
  2. A metabolism boost throughout the day – Exercise causes our metabolic rate to increase—meaning our body burns calories more quickly and efficiently—for approximately four to eight hours after a workout. However, the boost could be more beneficial in the morning because the spike lasts throughout the day.
  3. A better night sleep – Early workouts can also help regulate our body’s internal clock. The morning surge of energy sends a signal to the brain that reinforces daytime hours as a time for activity, and night time as being a period of rest.
  4. Increased likelihood to stick with it – The number one reason most people give for not exercising daily is “I don’t have time.” But waiting until later in the day to exercise increases the likelihood that something will come up and get in the way of the workout.
  5. A happier outlook – One reason that exercise reduces stress is because it signals the release of endorphins, chemicals that elevate mood and decrease pain levels. It’s like a natural dose of morphine, our body’s way of compensating for the stress we put on it while exercising.  Starting out the day with an energy boost and higher spirits will have even more positive, lasting effects on the rest of the day. 
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