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How does drinking water help fat loss.

You hear trainers talking about drinking more water to help when you’re on a mission to shed some unwanted fat. But why? Why is drinking water so important and how does it help when you are trying to lose fat and get fit. Today I wanted to run through the Top 3 Reasons to take in water when you want to burn more fat.

1. It’s Free Calories

Get rid of all other types of beverages in your diet and stick to drinking plain water or sparkling water instead. A 12-ounce can of regular fizzy drink has over 130 calories. If you normally have one or two cans per day you can shave off 260 calories or more daily just by drinking water instead. By the end of two weeks, you’ll avoid consuming an extra 3,640 calories or more — that adds up to about 1 pound of body fat you can lose. Juices are something else you’ll want to skip until you meet your weight-loss goal. An 8-ounce glass of juice contains at least 120 calories. If you skip your morning juice for two weeks, you’ll save yourself another 1,680 calories, or approximately half a pound. (especially important for the young ones)

2. Is it hungry or thirsty you are?

Sometimes hunger is mistaken for thirst. Your brain tells you that you need something in your belly, but in reality, you’re just a bit dehydrated. The next time you get those mid-afternoon hunger pangs and feel tired, drink a bottle of water, do a short task, then see if you’re still hungry. You might not really need a snack after all, helping you shave a few calories from your diet for the day. If you can skip your usual 250-calorie vending-machine snack just by staying hydrated, that adds up to 3,500 calories, or 1 pound, after two weeks.

3. Your cells rely on water to function

When you get lazy and tired you don’t want to do a whole lot right?. Well imagine what it’s like when something that is made up of 66% doesn’t get any (water I mean). And what’s made up of 66% Water…..That’s right, you are. How can you expect your body to burn fat for you when you are forcing it into dehydration and forcing it to get lazy. Guess what, it’s not going to do a whole lot.

Bonus Tip

A study published online in 2013 from The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism showed that there was an increase in metabolism of about 30% 40 minutes after taking on 500mls of water. Free calories and free energy booster?! I’ll take some of that. Read the full study here.

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