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[Blog] Men’s Health – 3 Effective Back Workouts + The Importance Of Back Workouts

In relation to Ozone’s recent Push-ups For Charity event, push-ups are definitely a great way to exercise your chest and shoulders. But along with this it is important that you also work out your back muscles. You may end up with things like rounded shoulders from just working out your upper body and not your back. Here I will be showing you 3 back exercises to help strengthen your back.

  • Pull Ups: Grab a chin up bar with your palms facing forward or facing you. When you pull yourself up, cross your feet over one another to prevent swinging. This will work some vital muscles in your back. Enhance your pull ups by holding your position at the top and then dropping slowly down before pulling up again.

  • Lower Back Files:  Lie on your stomach. Put your palms over your ears and lift your chest as high as it can go bending at your lower back. To intensify this exercise, lift the legs at the same time and extend your arms as if you are flying. This exercise will also work some vital back muscles. Don’t push yourself too hard with this workout as you may pull a muscle in your lower back

  • Arm Dumbbell Row: Hold a dumbbell in one hand with your arm straight and your palm facing inward. Place your opposite hand and knee on a bench for support. Keep your elbow in and bring the weight up, squeezing your back muscles each rep. Repeat with the other arm. This exercise works the upper back.

Remember how important it is to work out your back during a workout. And unbalanced workout can lead to a lot of problems. Many people talk about how it’s bad to skip leg day, don’t forget about back day either!

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