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New life new you – this spring

Spring has Sprung, Make Space for the New

As I write this, I can hear the chirping of birds outside the window. The sunshine is streaming in, and it is a beautiful spring morning! I don’t think I am the only one who is over the moon about the warmer temperatures and the sunshine. For many of us, springtime is a chance to get re-energized, re-motivated, and re-focused. We step out of hibernation mode as the days get longer. We can let fresh air into our homes and bodies as the temperatures get warmer. We re-commit to our health and fitness goals as the winter layers of clothing come off. It’s a great time of year to do some “spring cleaning” mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Is Your Clutter Holding You Back

What if I told you the key to achieving your health and fitness goals was to clear your clutter? How could that be? Clutter shows up in our life in so many different ways: physically, emotionally, and mentally. Ask yourself: What (or who) is taking up space in my life? Are those things/ people serving me in a positive manner that is moving me closer to my goals and improving my health and wellbeing? When life was less complicated, there were not nearly as many ways to accumulate clutter (unwanted stuff) as there is today. Physically, clutter can show up for us in different areas, including: – Clothes that don’t fit, or that are not worn – A refrigerator or pantry filled with expired foods or food that negatively affects your physical, emotional, and mental health – Books you no longer need or want to read – Excess paper clutter in offices – Email overwhelm and social media clutter of messages – Purses, wallets – Storage units, attics, and garages And the list could go on… We can also have emotional and/or mental clutter such as: – Negative belief patterns and “stories” that we continue to tell ourselves – Relationships that are negative and draining – Negative self-talk – Resentment, disappointment/hurt, and/or guilt and shame that we haven’t let go of Now, if you go back to my original question I posed about clearing your clutter being the key to achieving your health and fitness goals, it makes sense! If you continue to keep foods in your house that don’t positively support your body and your goals, chances are you won’t reach them. Continually telling yourself negative “stories” about how you are “not enough,” not deserving, or will never achieve your goals because of X, Y, or Z reason isn’t going to get you there. Surrounding yourself with individuals who are unsupportive of your goals surely isn’t going to get you any closer to being the best version of YOU that you can be. Get the picture?J

Positive Benefits of Clearing Clutter

– You will feel less anxious. Clutter is usually made up of stuff that is either junk, unfinished projects, or things that need to be handled that we are avoiding. All of these looming messages in your environment are like trying to tuck a bad memory away instead of dealing with it head on. – Your days will be more productive. When you don’t have physical obstacles like piles of paper staring at you, it is likely you will get more done in less time. – You may lose some weight! Excess clutter can be correlated with excess weight. Our environments are an external mirror of our internal mind and life; when you free yourself of extra stuff, pounds tend to come off. – You’ll be free of emotional stagnation. Releasing any things that you are holding onto from the past will help you to feel more free and present. – Your mental focus will sharpen. Clear spaces and countertops are a feng shui way to express metal energy. Metal energy helps you to think sharply and zero in on the tasks that you select as important. – Your creativity can flourish. When you shake yourself free of “stuff” you don’t need, you become open for energy to flow freely. – You’ll get allergy relief. Stuff collects dust, chemicals, mites, bugs, and even mold. – You’ll be open to opportunity. You may find money and/or greater opportunity both personally and professionally. – You’ll get a self-esteem boost. Clutter decreases our self-esteem with reminders of things we don’t need or want to see. – You’ll have more energy and be happier! When there is nothing impeding your environment, you might feel lightness and greater energy!

Get Started

Getting started at anything is ALWAYS the hardest part! Simply clearing one drawer or small space can open up your heart and mind to new possibilities. You will feel a sense of relief and will have more energy to continue the process. Three Tips to Get Started – Start small and build momentum. This will give you more energy to tackle the larger spaces. – Complete one area at a time. If you go back and forth between different spaces, you end up scattering your energy and you won’t see results anywhere. – Clean up after each session. Take the garbage to the dump. Place donation bags, dry cleaning and things to be repaired in your trunk to drop off. Tidy up the area where you worked so you can see your progress. I was able to take some time over spring break to do some MUCH NEEDED de-cluttering, and I can honestly say I do have more energy, feel lighter (physically & emotionally), and am able to be more productive. This is an area that I struggle with, but I am committed to working on it because I can see the benefits spill over into other areas of my life.

“I am in control, and I will no longer let stuff or people hold me back from living the life I desire!”

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