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It’s great to see local talent doing so well on the national stage. And for Kate Purcell, a local singer from Ennis the journey is just starting. Kate applied to compete in the hit TV programme The Voice of Ireland and just last Sunday 1st February 2015 she was picked by judge Kian Egan to be on her team. Next up Kate faces a tough round of battles and she has decided that she wants to get in both physical and mental shape to take on the rollercoaster that’s ahead of her. To help her on her journey, Kate decided to team up with us here at Ozone Health and Fitness to help her get in the best shape she can be. Kate sat with Mike, general manager of Ozone and spoke to him about why she decided to go for the voice and what fitness goals she has set herself because of it;

We will be uploading the first Videoed Interview of Kate shortly. Stay tuned…

Mike: Thanks for coming in to have a chat with me today Kate, I know you are a busy woman these days and let me just say congratulations on getting picked by Kian, a man with great experience and success himself. So can I start off by asking, what made you go for The Voice in the first place? Kate: I decided I would take a risk in my life and just go for it. I have been singing for years but I just wanted to do something to push myself and see how far I could get Mike: When you knew you were going for it and now that Kian Egan has selected you as well, did you have or were you conscious of your image and being on television?and what kind of fitness goals were you hoping to achieve on your journey? Kate: I just wanted  to look in shape. I want to be in shape. I want to be able to put on the clothes that are given to me by the stylists and wear them well and look my best on TV. I just want to look my absolute best when I stand on a stage.  Mike: Were you doing much exercise to help the fitness levels? Kate: Well, I’m a walker, I walk about 4 miles every day but I just found I had reached a plateau with it. I had put on a little bit of weight and found I wasn’t able to lose it with walking anymore. Mike: You are singing the same story (pardon the pun) as a lot of people out there Kate, would you mind sharing with us why you failed to keep the weight off and what made you fall off track? Kate: I feel I am fairly disciplined with my food, well I think I am but not at the weekends – with party time. I’m a party girl so I think that is one of the major reasons. I am good during the week but it’s difficult at the weekend. Mike: I understand, it’s one of the most common things we hear from people that a good week is undone by a bad weekend. So for people who may be reading this Kate and wondering why you picked us to help you with your fitness what can you tell them? Kate: Well, I have seen the results from a few women I know in their 40s and even my sister who got incredible results here before Christmas and just the programmes that they were targeting to women in my own age group and it’s very unusual to find that in this area anyway so I just said I would go for it with you guys. Mike: And we are happy you did. I am certain you will get amazing results. So what’s next for Kate? Kate: Next up for Kate will be the battles, so I need to practice and get ready for them. I will be pitted against another member of Kian’s team. So I really need to start getting in shape, especially after seeing myself back on Sunday, oh god!I guess TV does that anyway. And along with you guys I will be doing a weekly diary detailing my journey, a “Kate’s Diary” for want of a better name, telling people how I am finding the pressures of competing on the voice, getting ready, practicing etc and how my fitness levels are progressing. I will also be sharing my exercise plan if people want to follow along at home too Mike: That’s great, thanks very much for coming in to chat with me today and I am sure you have all the support of the county and beyond, behind you. We can’t wait to get you kicked off on your weekly video diary. It will be really interesting for people to follow. Kate: I hope so, thanks very much for having me Mike END To follow Kate on Facebook check out her page here:

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