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Fit at 50 | How to start getting Fit as you get older

How to get fit when you get older.

The big 50 is creeping up on you, maybe you are about 47 yrs young and you know it’s coming at you but you also know as you get older you can’t let yourself go any more and need to take control of your health before it gets too late.

Or maybe you are reading this and you have passed that 50 mark by a good few years already and you are heading for the next milestone. Either way, these blogs are to help you overcome your obstacles and give you some valuable information that you can use straight away to help you take action. I am going to provide you with some actionable steps, tips and videos you can use right now to get moving! Let’s get stuck in…

You might be thinking what gives me the authority to speak about exercise for someone near or above 50. True, I am 31 years old but from leading Ozone for years the team and I have coached vast numbers of clients coming up on their 50th and 60th birthdays with similar goals and massed huge experience in helping them reach their targets through fitness and nutrition programming. I want to use that experience to help you now.

The first step to being Fit at 50;

One of the most common things people think as they get older is “I am too old to be training” or “that’s only for young people” or even “what’s the point starting now at this stage of my life”

It is NEVER too late to get fit and healthy. Don’t they say life only really begins when you retire? Don’t you want to be fit and full of energy to enjoy your retirement? Retirement doesn’t mean you give up and fade away slowly. You should be out there living life to the full. Why even wait to retirement, you should be out there enjoying life RIGHT NOW! But your health or lack of fitness is holding you back.

Step 1 to getting Fit at 50 is to change your mindset. You are not old! Repeat that to yourself every morning in the mirror until you start to believe it. You can fit at any age. You have to want it enough first. Forget about injuries, time, blood pressure for a second and decide do you want to be fitter than you are now? If you answered YES then congratulations you have taken a huge step. You can overcome the rest but you need to remove excuses first.


You are not alone;

See if this sounds familiar to you. The most common reason we see people of this generation coming to us for help is they have spent a good portion of their lives raising a family and working hard to do so which meant they sacrificed themselves, their time and ultimately their health and fitness. It’s now coming to the stage where the kids are grown up and moving on with their lives and the parents want to look after themselves so they can enjoy this new found freedom.

Unfortunately waiting this long has its own side-affects in terms of getting high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lower back trouble etc but you are not alone. It would surprise you how many folks have that similar story to tell. If they can do it then you can too. You just need to start. One day at a time.

Next week we are going to look at starting you off on an exercise plan that you can do from your very own home with some instructional videos as well.

To your success


P.S. if you want to chat about our specialised Active 50 training program click this link, pop in some details and we can give you a shout with some more info

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