Gym Membership

Membership at Ozone means you are joining a tight knit community, a family. Everyone looks out for each other and there is always a great atmosphere in the gym.

With a Gym Membership at Ozone Health and Fitness, you will get all the benefits and more of a regular gym. With a wide range of equipment, the friendly, helpful staff and a range of certified and experienced Personal Trainers, there is no better way to train in Ennis than at Ozone Health & Fitness!

We are constantly improving our Gym services and equipment to ensure you get the very best from us. Our Gym includes all of the following:

Ladies Only Section

We know that sometimes it is difficult for women to use resistance machines/exercises because they can feel intimidated at the sight of a guys lifting weights etc so we have created and are improving a cosy ladies only section upstairs that only women have access to with free use of vibrationplates.


Alternative Fitness

We also cater for people with specific passions in fitness that include Plyometric Boxes, kettlebells, suspension training and land mine training (don’t worry if you don’t know what all these are, we are here to show you)

New - Members Challenges

We encourage a community and friendly atmosphere in Ozone and we also want to give you something to aim for which is why we have have introduced new monthly challenges for our members.

You don't have to do them but they are worth trying, not only to see where you are but there are some awesome prizes up for grabs each month. You can see the top clients to beat on our white board and you have 3 gos every month. It's a bit of craic if nothing else :)


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