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Create A Day Of Less Stress And Less Anxiety

Do you ever feel that from the minute you wake up, your day is chaotic?

You snooze the alarm until the very last minute and then it’s go-go-go. Panic to get up and get the kids ready, rushing to get yourself dressed,washed and ready, no time for breakfast and out the door you go, And that craziness follows you through the day. Where will you find the time to take control of your mind, your thoughts and your emotions?

Because without that control it leads to frustration and acting out that frustration by way of a short fuse because it all just builds up.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning and have a routine of calm, one that helps you deal with stress and anxiety and sets you up for a day that you control.

This is a video we filmed on our facebook page to give people the tools to deal with stress and anxiety a lot better

(by the way what we talk about in this article is credited to Hal Elrod and a great book he wrote called Miracle Morning, and a lot of other influential thinkers who have had the same concept long before that as well)

Stress is a killer and a cause of a lot of health issues. Never has it been more important that we take control of our lives and deal with the causes of stress and anxiety head on or they will eat us up.

The whole principle around creataing a day of less stress is that it starts in the morning. Let’s face it, how often have you told yourself you would do something during the day but it often gets put on the long finger and you realise the day is gone without accomplishing it or in the evening when you are feeling tired after work or you want to spend time with the family there is no time there either.

By creating a morning that you control you can make time to look after yourself because you are doing it before all of life’s distractions pull you in all directions.

Now, this is probably something you don’t want to hear but in order to make that time you are going to have to get up earlier than you are right now because right now it’s a bit chaotic or you don’t have the time to do what needs to be done to deal with stress or anxiety.

You might feel right now that because you are snoozing until the very last minute that you couldn’t possibly get up any earlier. but you can and you need to create the habit of doing it in order to change the habit you are in right now.

It’s easy to say “just get up” but if you are in routine of not getting up it can be difficult, so in this book Hal talks about a 5 step snooze proof strategy to get you out of bed every time.

The goal is to get up an hour earlier and spend that hour focusing on you and your health and starting the day witn calm, control and confidence.


The 5 Step Snooze Proof Strategy

  1. Prime your mind before you go to bed. What you think about in the last few minutes before you go to bed will be what you think about when you wake up so you want to prepare your mind with an affirmation to help convince your subconcious that you are about to get enough sleep and you are going to wake with energy (watch the video for an example affirmation)
  2. Set your alarm across the room. It sounds so easy right but most have our phones sitting right beside us on the bedside locker and it is way too easy to snooze it then. By setting your alarm across the room it does two things, first it stops you scrolling news and social medai stories which your mind doesn’t need at that stge of the day and second it forces you to get up and turn it off. When you are up, you are up and this is where your will power kicks in. Don’t crawl back to bed, stay up and stay goin
  3. Go to the bathroom, do your business, brush your teeth and throw water on your face (ideally on the cold side). By doing these seemingly insignifcant tasks it;s gradually waking the mind up by focusing on things that require no real effort and are easy to do
  4. Drink a glasss of water as quick as you can safely. After 6-8hours of sleep the body naturally becomes dehydrated and often the feeling of tiredness and fatigue is from that dehydration rather than actual tiredness. The same goes for during the day when you hit that 3pm slump. Sometimes it’s because you haven’t been drinking enough water and the body is dehdrated rather than tired
  5. Get dressed in exercise clothes. Don’t stay in your dressing gown or pyjamas. Part of the morning routine will include a bit of movement plus you are telling the body and the mind that you are ready for the day, you are not hiding from it. Bring it on

By following this morning routine it gives you something to follow rahter than just hoppe you will get up when you say you will. The next part is what do you do when you are up. Its important again to have some steps to follow so you are productive in your day.

There is a great saying by George Lorimer “you have got to wake every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction”

Stay tuned for the next part of creating a day with less stress and less anxiety




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