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Too Busy To Eat – Can You Drink Your Calories Instead?

Normally when it comes to fat loss the goal is to get into a calorie deficit. We all know, or at least I hope you know, that eating too many calories is going to lead to fat gain.  Not what any of us want, again – I hope it’s not.

But what happens when you eat too little calories, would it not be a good thing I hear you say? surely taking in less calories means you lose weight so why would it matter how little that number is.

For some people it’s not something they do by choice but a lot of time by circumstances. And what I mean by that is these days people are so busy, they may be working, looking after their kids, being a partner, trying to exercise and when you are juggling all those balls in the air something often gives.

And for a lot of folks it’s their food. Eat when you can, on-the-go or don’t eat at all. These are often your options when you are that busy.

Making time to look after yourself and have a more controlled approach to life is a topic for another day.

Today I want to give you some practical advice you can use straight away to help keep your energy levels up and your calories up without relying on caffeine all day because you are not eating.

What happens if your calories are too low

If your calories are too low your body has to make up that difference by going into fuel stores i.e carbs, fat and muscle. Your body doesn’t want to be in a deficit, it’s happy to maintain where it is and will do all it can for that to happen. So once your body uses up your glycogen stores (your carbs), which is relatively quickly it turns its attention to your fat and muscle and unfortunately it can go into your muscle stores as quick as it will your fat stores for that fuel.

When this happens the body enters what we call a catabolic state which means it’s eating it’s own muscle for fuel and this is a major no no.

Muscle is a massively important tissue in the body, it needs a lot of calories to get there and requires a lot of calories to stay there. They are a thermogenic tissue which means they actively burn calories just to stay there. The more you have the more calories you burn, particularly at rest. Do you see where I am going with this.

Lean muscle helps to boost your metabolism and your basal metabolic rate (which is how many calories you are burning at rest), so long term this is the most important thing in keeping fat off and maintaining it for the rest of your life.

So with that being said can you imagine what would happen if the body turns to your msucle for fuel and starts canabolising it. You end up getting weaker, picking up more injuries and from a fat loss point of view your once calorie burning machine has now tanked and your metabolism is on the floor.

Next thing you know you are starting to store fat even though you haven’t been eating a whole lot because you have no metabolism to keep it burned off.

Hopefully that is starting to make sense!

If you are too busy, how can you make time to eat

Like I said, making time is another topic, instead if you don’t have time to eat I want you to drink your calories.

Now I’m not talking about these mad meal replacement shakes. I’m talking a healthy, natural smoothie with fruit, almond milk, berries and peanut butter.

The purpose of this is to make it calorie dense and drink it on-the-go, so it gives you the energy you need without the sugar spike and without relying on caffeine.

It’s easy to make up and you can make 3 days at a time, pour it into a shaker and you are set.

Watch back the video above for the full How To and ingredients for the ‘Busy Person’  smoothie



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