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West of Ireland Gym receives International Acclaim

And Attracts national stars on its fitness programmes.

Ozone Health and Fitness, based in Ennis, County Clare have recently received a Top Runner-up Award on the international stage at an awards ceremony in the United Kingdom. Voted by their peers as Member of the Year and one of the top fitness centres across Europe and Africa, Ozone scooped this prestigious award in front of a 200 strong cohort of personal trainers and fitness centres.award Micheal Hogan, general manager at the Ozone Centre, had this to say “we were so proud and honoured to even be nominated for this award, and then to be voted as one of the best in your field is really the icing on the cake”. Ozone has powered through a recession and come out fighting. “in the last 12 months our business has really grown, we deliver the best results and we have become known as the go-to experts for doing just that, so much so we were humbly nominated for this award” explains Mr. Hogan. Local Entrepreneur, founder / Owner, Ken O’Malley stated “We are proud to have grown this business through a recession, to become market leaders and provide full time employment for 10 Local Fitness Professionals. We have improved the quality of countless lives that have come through our doors, and for me that’s the real achievement”   Ozone has also attracted many of the country’s national and international stars onto its fitness programmes. Recently Keith Whyte, an Irish Ultra Runner, completed a record breaking victory across the Antarctic in temperatures of up to -300C over a 100km distance. keith antarctic runMr Whyte explains how training with Ozone Health and Fitness has really helped him develop into an international champion “3 years ago I entered the world of Ultra Marathons. In 2012, through hard work, determination and continued support from the Ozone Team I became the fastest 50mile runner in Europe and number two in the world and now a new record across the Antarctic. The guys at Ozone have played a huge part in developing my fitness and have helped propel me to the top of my sport” It’s not just sports people that Ozone deliver results for. Just recently this exclusive fitness centre teamed up with The Voice hopeful, Kate Purcell.Kate 1 Kate has recently made it through the blind auditions and is now through to the battle stages. With this in mind she sets her sights on being in the best possible shape should she be lucky enough to make it through. And fitting into a nice dress wouldn’t hurt either, Kate explains; “I want to be able to put on the clothes that are given to me, going on TV is bad enough, it shows up every imperfection, and you can’t do much about that but I just want to be in shape and look my absolute best. The weight was creeping back on with a few years and I teamed up with Ozone for this because I saw the results they delivered to people of my age and no one else offered this kind of personalised training”   And it doesn’t stop there. Another client of Ozone Health and Fitness received national fame on the bodybuilding stage. Jason Morris came 2nd in the National Bodybuilding Federation of Ireland COMPETITION held in Cork recently. Jason MorrisTraining only 5 years and all of them at Ozone Jason explains why he decided to compete, “I needed to have a goal, when you train with weights for years, without something to focus on, it can get repetitive. I wanted to push myself and see how far I could get”. He also tells us why he chose Ozone and stuck with them for so many years throughout all his training, “When I first started training, I started at Ozone. They had a lot of the gear I was looking for to get the results I needed and once I got into it I enjoyed coming. It’s a great atmosphere and easy to train there” Jason was also featured in a recent national photography COMPETITION where his portrait, taken by Clare Champion photographer John Kelly, won first place in the PPAI annual awards. “I didn’t even know what was happening, I was going down to the Clare Champion office to speak about my experience at the Bodybuilding COMPETITION and John just caught me going out the door and said the water off the ground was hitting me in an interesting way. I didn’t know anything after that until I saw my face all over the papers” laughs Mr Morris. (Picture by John Kelly) Ozone Health and Fitness are enjoying their seventh year in business this year and powered through the worst economic crisis to hit Ireland only to come out as a top fitness leader on the other side. Don’t forget the west!

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